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13 Simple Steps to Fill TDS Online-Tax Deduction at Source

Tax Deduction at Source-TDs Fill Process

Tax Deduction at Source-TDs Fill Process

Hello friends, every person in you must have had TDS Deductions at some time, whether your employer has deducted from your salary or your bank is not aware of the Fixed Deposit Form The majority of Person doesn’t aware of TDS and considering TDS as a different type of tax.

It is the practice of collecting TDS income tax, meaning TDS is not a differential tax, these are income tax only.

 Today in this post we simulate the mechanism of TDS and what will be the effect of this on your financial life. 

And also now about how TDS affects your income taxation.

Today we are going to discuss the topic TDS.

TDS are simply tax deducted at source. TDS is a direct tax that is collected from the people at the time of payment like salary fees commission etc.

To them the TDS collected is then transferred to government account the concept of TDS requires that the person or organization on whom responsibility has been cast to collect TDS called as deductor is to deduct tax at the appropriate rates from payments of specific nature which are being made to the specific recipient called deductive deductor is mostly the buyer of the product or services and deducting is the seller of the product or services.

 TDS collected by deductor is then deposited in a bank which in turn deposits it to government account with income tax department directly gets the credit of the TDS is deducted in this personal income tax assessment based on the certificate issues. by the deduction.

let us take an example of TDS assuming the nature of Payment is professional fees on which specified rate is 10% supposed he had been limited makes a payment of rupees 50,000 towards professional fees to Mr. Adesh he limited shall deduct a tax of rupees 5000 that is 10% of rupees and make a net payment of rupees 45000 to Mr. Adesh. 

The amount of rupees 5000 deducted by he will be directly deposited to the credit of the government at it will issue a certificate to Mr. Adesh stating the same the significance of the TDS to the government lies in the fact that it purposes the collection of tax ensures the regular source of revenue for the government.

TDS is deducted on the following types of payments:

·  Salaries

· Interest payments by banks

· Commission payments

· Rent payments

· Consultation fees

TDS On Salary so now we have known about TDS and TDS on FD account Bank Interest on TDS TDS on salary let’s move forward and learn many types of forms like Form 16,16a,26as online and how to fill or download them but before move forward, we should about these form and where these forms are applied like what form should we fill salary on TDs and other Forms for TDS.

Form 16,16a,26as online

Form 16 is applied for the paid TDS on a salary which is annually issued form 16 having some major features by using Form 16 we get TDS details and payment details and also do salary break-up and tax computation this form is provided by the employer.

We will discuss how to fill Form 16,16a,26as online later in this post.

Form 16a is applied in the Non-salary factors on the basis of quarterly issued e.g. Interest on Fixed deposit, commission Income, Rental Income, consultation Fees, professional Fees, etc. this form is provided by the deductor.

Form 26as this form is important because this is the download for the ITR (Income Taxation Return).

These all forms are Available online On Income TaxDepartment website TRACES

There is the Hierarchal Model Of TDS

TDS-TDS Meaning||TDS on Salary ||Form 16,16a,26as online Tds Traces

Now we will look the how to fill or download these forms

Go ON the Google and Search INCOME FILLING

 Clock On First Link

  Log In With User ID and Password  You Can Create New Account Click On Register

 Dashboard Open

 Click On My Account And Click Form 26As

TDS-TDS Meaning||TDS on Salary ||Form 16,16a,26as online Tds Traces

What is TRACES??

TRACES stands for TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System it is an official site of Income Tax Department It is Only Web-Based application for use for All stakeholders for TDS as an Interface. 

It facilitates for viewing the challan status, Form 26As, Form 16, etc. as well as viewing of annual tax credit statements

 Click On Confirm Button It will redirect to TRACES  Official Website

 Click On I Agree And Proceed

 Click View (Tax Credit Form 26As)

 select Assignment Year and View As HTML then Click DOWNLOAD

 Form 26As open with Details

 Part-A Details Of Tax Deducted at Source


 Follow All The Steps To Download Form 16

 This all about TDS-TDS Meaning||TDS on Salary ||Form 16,16a,26as online Tds Traces


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