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How to do Trademark Registration Process-Ultimate and Simple Guide

Trade Mark Registration Process

Trademark Search ||Trademark registration process- registered trademark online

Trademark Search Trademark registration process- registered trademark search online is the process for how to do a trademark search and how to register a trademark search online.

 It is a very easy and cheap trademark search registration process.

In this article, you will get information about the Indiafillings trademark search & trademark name search.
 Friends, when you go market to buy something you have already decided which product you want to buy, suppose you want to buy a motorcycle so when going to the showroom you have decided that you want to buy Honda Activa or TVS Jupiter these type of the brand is already registered in our mind and we focus only these registered brand if you see any new brand which you don’t know about that you don’t like but the product of these brands, as like if you want to buy a car you will see Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai and many more, so the brand of this product fixes in our mind these all thing are in trademark search and easy with Trademark Search Trademark the registration process with online registration.

Some more examples are mobile phone brands like oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi India’s No.1 brand, and many more.

 Therese are have their own trademark or registered brad also, Google is a registered brand.

So in this post, we will learn about trademark registration. What is trademark registration, 

why we should register a trademark and how to register trademark what is trademark search cot of registration of trademark and many more questions will cover in this article?

Let’s start One-by-One.

What is it a trademark? 

Trademark is used to define or identify your business or give a reputation to your business or property and also secure your business or property to prevent copyright of your business and spam. 

The brand value of your product or the business created by you by using trademark no one can copy your business.

In the trademark registration process, you registered your business name business the logo tag line of business. 

Which helps your customers to identify your business name logo and product and prevent customers from spamming?

 Trademark registration processing is compulsory or very helpful in today's world.

Now we will see how to grow your business using the Trademark search registration process.

Advantages of Trademark Registration

It provides a unique identity for your business.

 Let take an example of (NIKE) Nike is a popular shoe brand it has its own trademark (right). 

You all know about Nike trademark so you can easily identify the product of ‘NIKE’ company you all know about its quality and after ensuring you can easily buy the product without any conflict, 

so I think you understand how a normal trademark makes your product different from other products. 

And how you easily identify and buy the product.

Trademark registration helps your business to reach a big audience and big customer database to increase your sale of the product. 

so, if you registered trademark of your business name, logo, tagline it impacts positive effect on your customers 

Let’s take an example of amazon; amazon has the tagline “Apki Apni Dukan”. 

This tagline effect a positive impact on the customers and customers easily relate to application or product.

 As you know amazon is a foreign brand but it has a huge audience in India.

Trademark registration is created by your goodwill and makes an image for your business. 

IN today's business world a small child can easily identify the apple mobile from another mobile phone.

 He will only look at the logo of the Apple brand and tell the particular brand to belong to apple. 

So that is the benefit of trademark search registration.

Trademark registration helps for growing your business, suppose your particular product or services are famous by using one brand you can launch other product or services and make successful them. 

For example, Maggie when Maggie launches it makes only one product noodles after famous the brand it launches other products like Maggie sauce and Maggie masala, etc. 

and increase their business by using brand value.

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Difference between TM or R

TM stands for Trademark when you apply your brand to trademark registration you can write TM on the logo of a business. 

It is a temporary mark that indicates you have applied for trademark registration and no one can miss-use of this brand and this particular brand belongs to you.

After completing the process of Trademark Registration and government accept your product then you can write R symbol to your brand which indicates you have the registered brand now you can easily identify the difference between Tm or R symbols.

Trademark Registration Process

So, Friends Sound Good
Now let’s learn about Some Interesting topic Called Trademark Registration Process.

 Trademark registration 

Trademark Registration process is a time-consuming process to the registration of trademark you need trademark attorney, it files on your behalf.

 And to register your trademarks you have to fill form’48’ and provide basic documents. If you want to register your trademark you can easily do it.

Follow these steps to Registered the Trademark of your business.

Trademark Search

Trademark search steps in which first of all, you have a search that brand you want to register should not be already registered, or search your brand and the brand should be eligible for trademark registration and make your logo, tagline or brand name to register it will prevent you from spamming and missuses.

Application preparation

After the trademark search is complete the next step for trademark registration is you have to prepare your application process and select the class in which you want to register your trademark. 

There are 45 classes are issued for trademark registration for different products and services. According to the business or product.

we can choose our class and category to register our business trademark.

Now let’s take an example if you dean in tea & coffee and make the product related to this category you have to select class 30. 

Class 30 is good for this type of category product. 

Another example if you belong to the service category like (Education service, medical service, etc.).

 These types of services belong to service category class 31. Class 31 is good for the services business.

Note: - We can register more than one category according to our business. 

After following these steps you have done your work to your side there are some basic 

the process which performs from another side

Application filling

Application processing

Cost of Trademark Registration

Now we will learn about the cost of trademark registration.

The cost of trademark registration is based on business size.

 If you belong to individuals or small businesses.

 in this case, the cost or fess for trademark registration is 4500 and if you belong to another category like the large business in this case cost or fees of trademark registration are 9000.

How long does it take time to register a trademark?

After following these all steps its time to know to How long does it take time to register a trademark?

 It a big thing as I already inform a little bit that it is a time taking process.

 In how many days your trademark registration Is complete in the process of trademark registration. 

The application filling process takes the 2-3 days and after the process of government verification and getting TM to the symbol for your business it takes 7-8 months for complete registered your trademark.

So friends if you want to make the value of your business and want to grow your business and increase the sale of your business to products you should be registered as your trademark for your business. 

That's all about:- Trademark Search ||Trademark registration process- registered trademark online

Important Note:- In this article, I have given your information about trademark registration, please apply all these steps or processes in the presence of professionals or consultant’s to prevent any kind of spamming or business loss.

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