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What is Share Market and How It's Works?Tricks For Beginner

what is share Market

SHARE MARKET AND  IT WORKS? Strategies For Beginners

Are you interested in the share market that why you Click on that article in this you will proper information about shares & share market and how to invest in the share market?

Friends if someone listens and talks about the share market so three things are coming in their mind, these doubts have come in many people who want to earn money using the share market.

1.   What is the Share market?
2.   What is the share market and how it works?
3.   How to invest in the Share market?

What is a share?

Share is a part of a company if you buy a share you buy a part of the company, for example, I have a company I divided this company into ten parts means 10 % 10 % like ten parts that will equal 100 %.

Now An Investor comes and buys the three parts of my company means he buys 30 % shares of my company. 

Now the people have bought 30 % shares of my company he will become 30 % owner of this company.

So this is a simple definition of the share market. Share is the part of the company and if you buy a share you will become the owner in the company of this small part.

I give an example in 10 pars but it is more than lakh of crores parts of a company.
Suppose there is a company that has 100 shares and you buy 25 % shares you will become 25 % owner of that company.

So that is a pretty simple definition about shares that a part of the company which we can buy and sell at any time called shares.

I hope you have known about what is share and we will what is share market and how it works?

 What is the share market and how it works?

Now let’s understand this concept using a small and simple example if any people want to buy a vegetable he will go vegetable market, people want to buy fruit he will go fruit market, to buy a toy go to a toy shop or market.

A market where we can buy or sell the shares of the companies called share market.

As the name defines share market means the market of if you buy a share of a company and sell them so the place where we can sell or buy the share called share market.

In India many stock markets are available but the famous and popular is BSE and NSE.

BSE is Stands for Bombay stock exchange. It is placed in Mumbai. Under the BSE there are 5400 companies are registered and share related to BSE called SENSEX.

NSE stands for the National Stock exchange. It is placed in Delhi. Under the NSE there are 1700 companies are registered and shares related to NSE called NIFTY.

All the stock Exchange companies have guidelines based on these guidelines the process of marketing is done.

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How to share market works.

We will understand this using an example for better understanding. There is a financial broker who works as an employee for companies and helps the people who do not know shares to buy and sell.

Suppose you want to buy a share of Xyz Company and you do not know how to buy shares so in this case, you will contact the financial broker.

The financial broker will contact Xyz Company to buy a share. If the owner of the company is interested to sell their share he will contact the financial broker and deal done.

So, friends, every people need a financial broker to buy or sell the shares to get profit.

I suggest you should buy or sell the shares from the advice of the Financial Broker. If you know about well about shares market then you can directly buy or sell the share to Xyz Company. So friends that how to share market works.

Now let’s know-how shareholders earn profits when a person buys a share of a company there no specific limit to buy a share.
 you can buy a share from a small amount like 500 and it can go in crore, so according to this shareholder takes the right like ownership right, voting right, and another right according to share.

 For example, the company which has you buy share suppose we buy a share of 100 rupees and the value of the company are increasing day-by-day now the value of the share is an increase from 100-450 so there is a profit of 350 rupees if you sell the share because the value of a company is increasing.

How to invest in the share market?

After know about what is share market and how it works let’s know about how to invest in the share market.

A friend in 2008 around it is thought to invest in share market we buy the share offline and perfume many types of paper activities and it is a very long procedure to buy a share but in today’s life, it is very easy everything has become online Now you have to just signup and like online shopping on Amazon and Flipkart.

Just like hopping on Amazon and Flipkart as it is buying the shares by clicking on the buy share button and sell the share by clicking the sell share button.

To buy or sell the share there is a financial broker, there are two types of financial brokers are available in the stock market.

1.   Full-support financial Broker
2.   Discount financial Broker

Discuss one-by-one

Full support financial broker is a type of broker in share market which is best in this service is HDFC Securities and ICICI these two are best for full support financial broker.

Discount broker for the discount broker in this service the best is mutual fund PATYM Money and overall total is ZERODHA. These two are best for Discount financial broker.

The difference between both of these is in the full support financial broker service support you consistently give us the platform to buy and sell the shares but they also advise to you buy the share and provides to buy shares easily and simple way without any risk with full customer support.

A discount financial the broker is giving you only an online platform in which you can buy or sell the shares and the mutual fund they will not advise to you related to purchasing the share.

The key and important point is the full-service financial broker service platform the broker is costly as compared to discount brokers according to brokerages.

So this information about what is share market and how it works. I hope I have solved some queries related to shares. Now let’s sum up all topics with questions and answers.

Question 1

What is a share?

 Answer A share is a part of the company which we can buy or sell in the share market at any time and any price to earning the profit.

Question 2

What is the Share market?

Answer A market where shares are bought & sold called share market.

Question 3

How Does Share Market work?

Answer We can buy or sell the shares of the company according to the valuation of the company.

Question 4

How to Invest in Share market?

Answer There are multiple online platforms to buy or sell the share in which the best is in the full-service financial broker is HDFC Securities and ICICI direction and discount Broker Service the best is PAYTM money and ZERODHA.

Taxinvestcare advised you please do any kind of action related to share and investments in the presence of experts.

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