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GST Bill in Restaurants|| Goods and Services tax || Fake GST Bill

GST Bill in Resturants

GST(Goods and Services Tax)Bill Frauds In Restaurants

As a people of India all, you have to know about GST. GST stands for Goods and services tax which is implemented by prime Minister of India Narender Modi in July 2017. It replaces all major indirect taxes.

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In this post, I would like to talk about Goods and Services Tax (GST will).
What are the problems with GST and the Failures upon it by the Government?
This post talk about a much more important thing than this which benefits you all and also increases your awareness.

I would talk about how you can recognize the GST frauds. Sometimes you go to a restaurant for your meal and the restaurant owner charges you for GST Bill tax but he is not even registered with GST.

And in the name of the tax he is filling up his own pocket.
So how can you recognize such fraud and how can you complain against it.
How to identify GST Bill fraud in restaurants?

Is your dealer registered with GST?

First of all friends, you need to recognize whether your dealer has been registered with GST or not?

This can be identified very easily by glancing at your bill, on your bill, a GST Bill number should be printed. Whenever you go to any restaurant for food or buy any item from any shop then you must see the bill.

If the bill doesn’t include the printed GST Number then your dealer is not registered by GST.

I have an example of one such bill, so usually, the GST Number is 15 digits. Either it is printed on the top or at the bottom.

If in your bill you can’t find this GST Number anywhere, then your dealer is not recognized with GST and if still you are charged with GST Tax then it’s a fraud with you.

Is the GST Number Fake

Second is some people print the GST Number but it’s a fake Number printed by them.
Now how can you recognize that the printed GST Number is Fake or Not? That’s easy to find, by visiting a website, here is a link to the Website. check GST Number Here:-GST PORTAL So here you can easily enter this number to see whether you’re GST Number has been registered by an individual person or a company.

If it is an individual person then the 6th Digit of the GST Number Bill will be ‘P’ and if it’s a company then the 6th Digit will be ‘C’.

What are the GST Rates?

The third thing you need to notice is how much GST rates are been charged to you. If you are at a non-alcoholic serving, Non –Ac restaurant then it would be charged 12%.

If you are eating at an AC Restaurant or a hotel or any alcohol serving restaurant then it will be 18% GST charges. IF you are taking food from any take away counter even though you will be charged 18% GST if the alcoholic is been served at the restaurant. Then there is No GST on alcohol.

Alcohol will be leveled with VAT. Which is different for every state? Now you have to alert that these rates are applicable.

Do I need to pay Services charges?

The fourth thing my friend is a service charge. Service charge is not any tax to give this or on is your own wish; no one can even deny that to the restaurant.

But if the restaurant forces you to pay then you can even live a complaint against them in the consumer court.

So through these 3-4 ways you will get to know that you have been targeted with the GST fraud.

How to complain about GST Frauds?

Now let’s talk about how to complain against such GST Frauds. Basically, these are 5 different ways to complain against it.

GST complaint

       1. The first one is that you can call at this number 1800114000 or else you can send an SMS to 8130009809.
     2. The second way is to write an email to here is mail address or else
     3. The third way is to register a complaint at this website
     4. The fourth way is that you can complain at the GST portal Email is or call at these helpdesk number 0120-4888999,011-23370115.
       5. The fifth way is that you can contact them through twitter so these are the twitter handles which you can contact with @jagograhakjago  @consafe @Askgst_Go @Finminindia.
These are some of the ways you can complain about the GST fraud if the GST fraud is caught then there is fine of 100% of the tax amount or up to 5 years of jail.

All the information I have given in this post has been collected by Dhruv Rathee. I thank him a lot.

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