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Coronavirus (COVID-19)-Symptoms,Cure,Vaccine and Death rate-Complete Guide


Coronavirus(COVID-19)- Stuff You Need to Know

As on 14th March 2020, due to widely spreading coronavirus all over the world and more than 5,000 people have died.

Is it really that risky? Do you really need to be worried? Or is the media creating a mountain out of a mote hill and producing an environment of fear? let's know about coronavirus symptoms, cure, vaccine.

What is Coronavirus?

The first thing you need to recognize is that coronavirus is not the name of a single virus.
The name coronavirus has been attached to a family of viruses, should I show you an interesting fact?

The common cold-the cough and cold that you catch during winters –that too is a variety of coronavirus.

In 2002-03, a SARS virus had become comprehensive, if you retain. That pair was a type from coronavirus.

Which is moving the people right now is a new type of coronavirus.

Where do they come from?

There is a place in CHINA called WUHAN. It was spotted there on 31st December 2019.

This original strain of coronavirus has moved named N-COV Novel coronavirus.

The novel implies new, this strain is very new that they could not even think of a name so people named it Novel Corona Virus.

The New coronavirus looks somewhat like this.

The original source of greatest of the coronavirus is mostly some animal that changes a human and then later through human to human contact and transmission.

These coronaviruses divided amongst humans for example, in the fact of SARS, the original source was a bat.

MERS is another comparable coronavirus that spread in the Middle East during 2012-13. The original source of that was a camel.

The exact original source of the Novel coronavirus which has not yet been discovered some scientists suspect that the original source might be a snake.

But some scientists suspect that they might be bats again because there are 69% similarities the Novel coronavirus to the coronavirus that comes from bats.

Coronavirus Symptoms

The symptoms of all these coronaviruses are very similar to each other for example cough, cold, headache, fever, chills, sore throat.

All that happens to you even when you catch a cough and cold normally or when you catch a seasonal flue and these are the symptoms of the Novel coronavirus.

This is an, unfortunately, thing because due to this, it is very difficult to recognize when you have contracted with a normal seasonal flu and when you have contracted the Novel coronavirus.

When there are extreme cases of coronavirus, then one may contract pneumonia.
But generally, the doctors have to perform s laboratory test to recognize whether it is normal flu or the Novel coronavirus.

2-11 Days of INCUBATION Period

The Incubation period of the Novel coronavirus is between 2-11 days that is, if you are infected, it might take 11 days for the symptoms to show up.

The Basically means that in the last two weeks if you haven’t been to China or haven’t been in touch with a Chinese person and despite that, you’re showing these symptoms then you have to cause worry.

The researchers say that this virus can travel only less than 1 meter. It means the partials of this can travel only 1 meter if you are away over the 1 meter from the infected person they would be safe.

This means that you have not contracted the Novel-Coronavirus.

Is it Dangerous?

How dangerous is this virus actually? How is it for you? To know this, I would like to show you some facts.

To the number of infected people until now are more than 1, 50,000 out of these almost more than 5000 people have died, and rest people have recovered offer becoming infected.

So looking at the total infected people and the total number of death as a proportion around approximately 3%.

This 3% mortality rate mortality means that in case you contract or the Novel coronavirus. Then what are the chances that you are going to die because of it?

3% means that there is a 97% chance that you are not going to because of it but you eventually recover.

Infect upon studying the cases until now.

 It has been found out that most of the people that died due to the Novel coronavirus already had a weak immune system.

 Due to some other reasons most of these people were elderly and old or their immune system was already weak beforehand for example, heart diseases or any other problem.

An interesting thing about viruses is that the virus that spreads more easily and is more contagious in general, it’s mortality rate is automatically less and virus that has a higher mortality rate is less contagious.

For example Ebola virus the mortality rate was 70%.

On the other hand, take the example of common cold or chickenpox both of them is highly contagious.

Both chickenpox and the common cold spread very easily but in case you contract it then the mortality rate or the common cold is 0.01%.

Due to low mortality the rate there is less to die with Novel coronavirus.

How Infection Happens

The infection of the Novel coronavirus spreads the same way that coughs and cold spread amongst people.

If someone cough or sneezes then the bodily fluids of the infected person reach the other people ad they too get infected.

So the prevention is the same as of a common cold.

World health the organization recommends washing hands at the right time and washing hands very frequently in the proper manner.

Whenever you cough or sneeze, then make use of issue papers and handkerchiefs, if they are not available.

Then you can use your elbow, so the body droplets do not disperse wide and infect the rest of the people.

This is valid for everything, by the way not only for coronavirus, if you have a cough or cold or any other form of coronavirus then does not spread it to others.

Surprisingly world health organization has said that masks are not very effective in protecting you from the infection.

So do not think that whenever you can go to a public place wearing a mask. Then you would feel safe it would not make of a difference.

They say that washing hand with soaps is more effective in comparison to masks and masks should be used only those that are infected themselves so that they spread their body fluids to others.

So if you are suspected to be infected then it would be proper to use a mask.

Coronavirus Cure

A lot of treatment and cures have gone viral on social media to treat the coronavirus.

For example, a WhatsApp forwards reads

Good News! Wuhan coronavirus can be cured by one bowl of freshly boiled garlic water old Chinese doctors have effected many doctors have also proven this to be effective.

Some states that consuming bleach will treat the coronavirus and some say that argan
oil will care about it.

Our own government that the coronavirus can get cured by homeopathy or Ayurveda.
The truth remains that all of these people are leaking rubbish Nobody has any cure available the coronavirus neither does any treatment exists.

Only if your immune system is strong, then it can fight it and you can recover from it.

Coronavirus vaccine

The vaccine of novel coronavirus is currently under development it has been estimated that it might take around a year to introduce the vaccine.

The government across the world is towards the containing the spread of this virus and feels that they have been successful to a large extent.

 Because 99% of the cases of infection that have seen all of them are concentrated in China and 90% of cases in china are concentrated with just one region-WUHAN.

China had quarantined the entire region to prevent anyone from going in or going out.
50 million people have been put in quarantine and the rest of the world trying to the same.

For example Australia and Singapore have banned Chinese tourists, Russia, magnolia, and Nepal have scaled their borders with China.

Coronavirus Protection Gears

  • Mask
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • PPE Kit
  • Maintain Social Distancing

Important points to remember By WHO (World Health Organization)

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or sanitizer
  • Eating garlic
  • Gargling mouthwash
  • Using sesame oil under the nose
  • Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing, with a tissue or your elbow
  • Keep your distance from people who are coughing and sneezing (at least one meter)
  • Put the tissue straight into a closed bin
  • Rinsing your nose with saline


So in my opinion, the people living outside of China have nothing to worry about maintaining precaution don’t panic.

There has been so much fear-mongering by the media that am atmosphere of panic is being created almost as if the virus. It is not that big deal like I have shown you in this article.

Economically it might have a deleterious effect not only on China but also on the world economy.

It has been estimated that China might face a lot of 60 billion dollars due to his Novel coronavirus and the GDP growth rate might diminish by 1.5%.

If you found this article to be informative and knowledgeable share this article with your friends and family for public awareness.

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