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15 Tips to Invest In Mutual Funds for Beginners-How to Invest in Mutual Fund

Invest in Mutual Fund

Tips To Invest in Mutual Funds

If somebody requested and said give me this much money and I’ will double this in 2-3 years.

You never believe the fact, because people never understood that investing now to double your money to invest something.

There is a point where people happy to earing spending, finally when you need or when your want has increased to something from normal using phone to a branded wring phone. Think started changing, when you understood that the thing achieves with your money right now have.

So you have to invest systematically invest so that down the lay after 2year that is there with you.

The priority, things need that you want Nowadays has the leave the prices of these things have been increasing the need and the want of these things are increasing.

What is Mutual Fund and How it’s Works

So let’s understand what a mutual fund is and how does it work?
Mutual is made by collecting of common man's money example fund manager collected works from me, 100rs from you, and anyone.

So it is puling of entire money and making into a fund so this is how mutual fund.

It is very important for everyone is to understand what the different types of mutual funds are.

Because where the main problem lies when you investing something and you don’t know what it is.

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Types of Mutual Funds

So let’s tells you what are the types of mutual funds and tips to invest in mutual funds.

1.   Equity fund: - Equity fund are those types of fund where generally the money invest in a stock company.

In Equity funds, the returns are quite high because the risk is high.

2.   Debt fund: - Debt fund is investing in ventures and government stock so basically it is a very safe kind of fund investment but at the same time of return is very law comparatively equity fund.

3.   Hybrid Fund: - It is a mixture of debt fund and equity fund so here are the return are moderate.

so engage me very clear with one of the factors that whenever you invest in any type of mutual fund you must be pretty much certain that how many times you are required to return the money.

For illustration, if you require investing for 2-3 years you should invest in government stocks from a debt fund.

Because these are comparatively less risk-taking and that will give you a modest amount of wealth.

But at the same time, if you won't invest in long time expenditure, you have long term goals; in that case, considering SIP is one of the best options for long time investment.

We will discuss SIP in our next post.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mutual Funds

Advantages of Mutual Funds


Money is invested in a manner that allows diversification.

Professional Management

Operated by qualified and professional experts.


Research is done by mutual fund itself, you just have to analyze and invest.


Retrieving money from a mutual fund is very easy and prompt.


A mutual fund is relatively cheaper with a 1% to 2% of expense ratio.

Tax Efficiency

Tax Benefits under 80C as well as no tax on the return.

Disadvantages of Mutual Funds


Some mutual funds charge high costs which reduce the returns.


Investing In many funds dilutes your gains instead of diversification. 

 Parameters you consider while you choose a mutual fund

1. Return you are getting after years

When you invest in a mutual fund you have understood about what is the return you are becoming after years because when we make investments the first things that happen to the fund manager's mind and customer mind are how much money.

I will get after years, how much return can give to my clients that are the basic the question you should ask your fund director or manager that what the return is later a specific investing time.

2.  Know about the Expense Ratio.

The next thing is you must know about expense ratio what holds an expense ratio? The expense ratio is the expense on how much your fund handler charging the entrance fees or the exit fee from that mutual fund.

For example suppose the fact that suddenly out of because of any reason you want to come out of that fund you want to invest anymore because it is not going good in the Market also some other reason, you want to come out.

so you have to make sure before investing and picking a mutual fund thing are you should oblige and make sure you understand that entry charge, an exit charge deduction fees, etc. and then pick any mutual fund.

Basic things to remember invest in mutual funds

1.  Scope of Investing 

The first point you need to understand before investing and selecting a mutual fund holds what’s the goal of investing.

You should clear that your investments would be long term or short-term term or the budget to invest.

2. KYC (Know your Customers) Requirements

After recognizing your objective of investing the succeeding level is you should have to investigate your requirements means what's is that need will complete means behind investing in this particular fund.

3. Learn about the available fund

Now before Investing you hold a piece of proper knowledge on available mutual funds including research and analysis every past 3-5 Years performance of the appropriate mutual fund in which you need to invest. You should analyze the potential of the funds.

4. Risk vs. return

In investing mutual funds one of the major questions are most of the people mind that is risk and return.

When you invest in any mutual fund you should consider what the possibilities of risk and return are.

Because the mutual fund is a volatile market so the possibility of measure risk and return is very difficult.

Every fund some carry some risk with return.

If you want to high return than the high risk involved for you. That type of particular condition the best mutual fund for investing is, equity fund (return would be 18-20%).

And if you want moderate risk then you will get a moderate return. What types of particular conditions the best mutual fund for investing in a hybrid fund (13-15%).

 For low-risk investments, there will be a low return present for that particular condition the best mutual fund for investing is a Debt fund (8-10%).

Where to Invest in Mutual Funds

Investing in a mutual fund is very easy if we compare it for the last 3-5 years.
 There are multiple options to invest in mutual funds in the present time.

You have multiple ways to invest, so there is a way that I present to invest in the mutual fund.

1. Investment direct through fund house

 You are not a beginner or you have some knowledge about investing directly through the fund house.

You can invest in mutual by visiting your nearest branch of the fund house. Invest.

You have to ensure that you carry some document 

  • Address (electricity bill,) proof.
  • Identity proof (aadhar card, passport, driving license).
  • Canceled Cheque.
  • Passport size photograph.

The fund office will give you an application form. You just fill the form attached to these documents and submit your application.

2. Invest by a broker

In this digital or owing world, many people have not proper knowledge about the fund and how to invest them, so there is the broker who helps you to invest in mutual funds and take some charge for their work.

Which will be deducted from the investment amount? The broker will tell you about all the available schemes, important documents, fund process, and all necessary things related to investment.

3. Invest by a website

In these digital worlds, lots of people are shifting offline investment to online investment, people prefer online transactions.

Mutual funds provide online facilities to buy or sell the fund which is very less time-consuming.

There is a lot’s of the list of the website available online to invest these are secure they ask for you some documents to KYC (know your customer and like aadhar, pan card.

you can that it is a mutual fund online

4.  Complete your KYC process.

Once you’re KYC complete. You can invest and start trading, invest through the website is very easy quick and secure they you proper customer service. 

5. Invest by an application.

There are many applications is available in the market to invest in the mutual fund.

You can easily download these applications form Google play and apple play store for your mobile device.

This application provides investors to invest in mutual funds, you can easily track your trading and fund buy and sell and manage your portfolio.

Some of the funds that allow investment through an applicable are SBI mutual funds, ICICI Prudential mutual fund, Aditya Birla sun life mutual fund, and HDFC mutual fund.

These are some tips in which you can invest easily.

Best tips to Invest In Mutual Funds

We always try two things to purchase the best mutual first one is star rating on different platforms and second is we see the ranking that which fund provides a high return inside the last 2-3 years and we invest in that appropriate mutual fund.

When we buy the mutual fund with Star rating you have to learn that most of them also, look for star rating when buying a mutual fund.

1. Fund History

If you are a beginner and want to invest the fund in history time their tips for you.

You must see almost the past 10 years track return of the fund including did not watch their ranking.

You must ensure that the fund should top 25 in the last 8-10 years that fund should above average.

2.  Investment goal

Now before investing in the mutual fund keep identify you are investing purpose like financial goals, how much time you will invest set your Budget this small action will play a major role in your investments.

3. Select the funds.

After establishing your investment goal the next step is you choose the funds type like (equity, debt, and hybrid).

 You can choose the funds type based on investment goals based on time (long term or short terms), to decide on the right category.

Experts are recommended debt funds for the first time investment.

4. Choose one mutual fund

Once you choosing mutual fund keep these things in your mind like fund manager credentials the expense ratio, portfolios, and AUM (assets under management) and analyze and compare these things.

5.  Invest in SIP not in limp-sump.

If you are a beginner and the first time you cannot go for high risk, so investing in SIP(systematic investment plans) don’t go for high risk, so investing in SIP( systematic investments plus) would be a better option for low risk in first time investments.

6. Documents related

To invest in any type of mutual fund there is the first step is KYC (know your customer) you can’t invest in a mutual fund without KYC.

To do your KYC you have sure that you have required documents for KYC.

7. Net banking account

To secure your investment you should have a net bank or internet banking account on your bank.

You cannot invest through debit cards and cheque but these are less secure and time-consuming.

Invest via net banking will make secure investments.

Presence of an expert

In the thousands of mutual funds pick one best mutual fund is very difficult and risky.

And you should mannered the fund so you need to pick an expert if you want less risk by a mutual fund distributor or fund expert.

Why should invest

Professional Management

By investing in mutual funds continues you will enhance professional management of the mutual fund and you can easily pick and manage the funds.

High return

To the success the dream you need one major thing is money by investing in a mutual fund you can get high returns and multiply your money several times.

Secure future

To secure the future of you and your family you should invest in mutual funds.

The process to open a mutual fund account

The first step is if you have any nearby banks or places where you know that these people deal with mutual funds for example very common mutual funds SBI dual, HDFC, ICICI, and more something around you.

If you do not have you can check on the internet also you check in the online what the best fund to invest mutual funds.

You have to just put down your basic details name, phone number, and basic details whatever it is.

Then you can select your mutual fund the main thing that you should know is when it comes to the return.

 You can consider and calculate your return you can consider the fact that this is my goal and return what I am expecting.

For example, if your goal the amount that you need to complete your goal and the mutual fund amount is not matching you can eventually increase or decrease the amount as you want.

So that the best part you can that you calculate what is the money you needed to achieve that particular thing.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How do beginners invest in mutual funds?

Answer:- To invest in Mutal You should keep remembering something like

choose the Best Fund.

Set your investment goal.
Investments Period (Long Term or Short Term).

2. What is the best way to invest in mutual funds?

Answer:- some Best way to Invest in Mutual Fund

Invest direct Through by Fund House
Invest From the Broker
Invest From the Website
Invest From an Application
And so many ways are available to invest in mutual Funds

3. Which mutual fund is best for beginners?

Answer:- If you are looking for low risk and high returns then you should go for Debt Fund.

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