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7 insanely Actionable Tips to Invest in Stock Market-2020 You Must Know

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7 Strategy Tips to Invest in Stock Market-2020

Investing is a Good Habit. This habit can change your life we earned money with a lot of hard work so there is really important that our earned money should be invested in a profitable place and one of the best effective sources for investing your money and multiply your money is share and the stock market. (click to learn about Stock Market) and also learn something about how to invest in the stock market.

There are some actionable tips to invest in the stock market to multiply your money.

When you think of investing the first thing comes into our mind. is this complicated world of the stock market.

With so many charts and numbers, it’s easy to get confused so let’s break it try to get to know the things that you should know to invest in stock markets.

As a beginner, we love several stocks but it is difficult to choose which one will be most satisfying.

People who have already invested in the stock market definitely don’t forget their first investment in the stock market.

If you want to invest in the stock market or you are a beginner keep reading these latest tips to invest in the stock market because In this the commodity I will break down important concerns about the stock market for investment and investor.

These things will help to pick the share and make your investments successful then you will become one of the strong investors in the stock market world.

Let’s Gets Started……

My Name is sarvesh and I usually write an article on my blog Taxinvestcare about personal finance.

The things will be started from very Basics as we move onward the things will become advance that will be easy to understand for you.

Best Tips to invest in the Stock Market

 Company Track Record

The Very First thing you should know is the company Track Record.

You always gathered that a particular company or Bank is getting the punishment from RBI (Reserve Bank of India) or SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India).

If there is a company that gets a notice and fine continuously from Government Body, then that is a clue that a particular company is not good and the history of the company is not good.

So you should don’t invest in certain types of companies.

So if you want to invest in any type of company. 

First things you need to put your mind review the company's previous track record and market value with proper analysis.

This research will prevent you from wasting your money.

Now a very valid question in your whole mind is how you will found those types of the company that have an inadequate track record and scams.

so here is a very clear and manageable answer.

You just visit www.Google.Com and type the company name with the keyword like Fraud, Scams in the Google Search Box and find all records about the company.

For example

XYZ Company Fraud

XYZ Company Scams

Always this important point if any company continuously comes in the controversy that means these companies are not suitable for investment.

You should notice that quality companies will always Controversy Free some Quality Companies are mentioned is Asian Paints, Britannia, Colgate, and more.

So this is all about Company Track Record.

 Management Track Record

When we Invest our Hardest earned money so people are very careful to buy something by the money he uses theirs on those things which are useful for him they did not waste their money.

So if you invest Money in stock you should very careful while buying shares so the management track record is a parameter which helps you to choose wining shares.

Normal people who have no knowledge about investing in stock are worried about that is their money will be safe or owner of the the company is genuine or fraud these types of questions arise in their minds.

Before understand about management track record first of all let’s know something about the promoter.

For example, there is an Ashapuram and the owner of the company is missing from some time and wrote a letter to investors who have invested in his company a say sorry through the letter for the mismanage of investor’s money.

It is an example of company scams in stock markets.

To prevent these kinds of companies especially if you are a beginner or you have no investing experience. In this case, you should choose always a reputed and Big Company.

Who is a Promoter?

A man who started the company and managed the company called promoter or we can say to him, company owner.

Now I hope you understood the promoter. Point to keep in mind while investing in the terms of management record always research and check about the promoter and analyze the management strategy or track record of the company.

The management record is good and you heard some things about the company so that will be a positive impact to invest in the company.

 Low Debt Companies

To understand this let’s take an example to suppose there are two companies one who has taken the loan from banks and becomes debt and the other is Debt Free. Which will you choose?

BSE Chart Analysis and Points
BSE Chart Analysis

Most of the people will choose Debt-free companies because these do not take any type of loan so there is less chance to lose your money on the other case a company that takes the loan and in debt is the chance is less chance to secure your money.

In the stock market always prevent Debt companies and choose Debt Free companies.

Debt-free companies make your investment secure.

One of the other and major terms affected in the share market with Low Debt companies is a company is in high Debt so the price of the will decrease but your share will not increase because the company did not get any profit and share price increase totally depends on company profit and growth.

How to share market price affected with Profit and Growth of the company let’s see in the next point.

 Sales + Profit Growth

Always check and analyze the sales and profit growth of the company will help you to pick the best stock in the share market.

You can check easily on some websites like and

You should check that sales and profit Growth would increase continuously year by Year in Which Company you want to invest.

Sales and Profit Growth both of this term of the company increase very important let’s understand why

If only sales are increasing and the company didn’t make any profit is not good for investors as well as promoters.

It means the company compromises their profit.

It’s indicating that companies only increased sales but they are not growing the profit growth.

It will impact company share price because without profit growth of the company the share price will decrease and your investment will not make any profit you will not get a better return even you will get reruns in minus.

Now how can you find these types of companies as a beginner you can easily search these types of companies and easy to understand the margin of sales and profit growth and make your investment profitable.

Return on Capital

The next Important Point is Return on Capital.

There is a lot of companies that make a high margin and look good.

But the only high margin is enough? We determine the companies good or bad based on the total amount spent on business, time taken by the business for growth, and how much return on the business amount.

Because the margin is calculated based on sales there is no fixed cost include.

Margin is basically how much return you get after all expenses like salary; Rent and Row material cost of issuance of License and another business cost to regulate the business.

After all the expenses left are margin and these all things you can calculate the return on capital.

In simple words Deduct the expense spent on the business left the part is will be the margin that will be easy to calculate the return on capital.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a very important thing in order to grow any company, business, startups, etc.

Because if a customer is satisfied with the company services and product then the company will grow and if the company becomes in the growing condition it will effect on share price and the share price will automatically increase that will good for us.

Let’s discuss some facts on this point.

In the short term like one or two years if any product is new and innovative in the market can easily sell.

So don’t make quick decisions to invest that type of company search about their customer satisfaction responsibilities and the service level of the company.

You can check like people who buy and use the product of that particular company is happy or not.

 Does the customer buy the product again and again?

To know all the terms as we discuss the best way are you should choose those types of companies which products are used by you and you can review the product as a customer.

 Think Like an Angel Investor

When you invest in any company think like you invest large amounts always invest without tension because when you invest in any company do research and analyze the company not worried and think like high return.

The important things are keeping updated and educate you with the investing and latest stock market.

Try to learn the share market it will make you a successful and profitable investor.

This is a Very Basic and Begging guide if you want to invest in the stock market do research and take some advice from your financial advisor.

Are you starting the investment in the share market or other place let me know in the comment section because investing is the best way to secure your future?

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)


How Cain I Start Investing In India?


The Very First Thing is starting to invest in the share market but most people are confused about how they should start investing share market in India. In India, there are two major stock market indexes or you share market One Is BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) and the other is NSE (National stock Market).

These two handled the India stock market and there the major index is Nifty and Sensex.


How Can I buy Shares in India?


To buy the share in India there is two stock market available BSE and NSE there you can buy or sell the shares in India.


Can I invest in 500 Rupees in Share Market?


If you want to invest in the stock market with 500Rs so you can’t invest directly in the share market but we can invest in the mutual fund if you know about mutual funds read this guide.

Source:- Pranjal Kamra 
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Please share these tips with your friends who want to invest in the stock market to make them successful investors.

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