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Jio-Facebook Deal Will Change Your Digital Life-Complete Analysis of the Deal

Jio-Facebook Deal

Jio-Facebook Deal Worth Rs.43,754 Crore or $5.7 Billion

Social Media Biggest Company Facebook signs a Deal with India’s Biggest Telecom Industry Reliance Jio.

You might Hear this that Facebook Invested 43,574cr or $5.7billion and get a 9.9% share of Reliance-Jio.

It is treated as the largest FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in the tech sector.

Let’s know all the Details in this Big Deal.......

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Reliance Jio-Facebook Deal: Key Highlights

     1.   Facebook Has Bought a 9.9% Shares of Reliance Jio…..

     2.   Telecom Unit of RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) for $5.7 Billion (Rs.  43,547 Crore).

    3.   The Deal Value Jio at Rs. 4.62 lakh Crore ($65.95 Billion).

    4.   This Deal Gives Facebook a Firm Foothold in a Fast-growing massive market.

    5.   Also Helps to Reliance Jio to significantly to cut a deal.

    6.   Jio Platforms are now amongst the top 5 listed companies in India By market Capitalization.

    7.   Jio Platforms, Reliance Retail Limited, and WhatsApp have also entered into a commercial partnership agreement.

    8.   The companies will work closely to ensure that consumers are able to access the nearest Karana transact seamlessly with Jio-Mart using WhatsApp, said RIL.

    9.   India has in Years has emerged as a critical market for Facebook and the company has more users in India than any other country.

    10.  A recent report by Cisco said India is poised to have more than 900 Million internet Users due to the increased penetration of affordable smartphones and cheaper internet plans.

    11. The jio-Facebook comes after Microsoft signed a 10 Year Deal with reliance in 2019 to power the Indian company’s data centers with its Azure cloud.

    12. Facebook can Venture Deeper into the Indian market.

    13.  Digital Transformation of small Business Expected.

Mukesh Ambani Welcome Facebook as a long term in Digital Transformation.

The deal between Jio and Facebook will Help Realize Digital Mission in India.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg says that to work on together on projects that will open up commerce opportunities for Indians.

A lot of Entrepreneur needs various Tools to grow their Business.

It is Big Deal in the Tech World Now Facebook will invest 43,500 Crore and $5.7 billion and become 9.9% shares holder of Jio Platforms.

The Main Approach to do this deal provides New opportunities for Indian to accelerate E-commerce.

Consumers can book the order for local groceries and other things using JioMart in WhatsApp.

They Target seamless Kirana transaction with JioMart y using WhatsApp.

They will empower almost 3crore Kirana stores for Digital Transaction.

Relief from Debt

Telecom Industry Master Reliance Jio Will becomes debt Free after this deal.

Reliance Jio Have 1, 75,000Crore cash, and the net Debt of the company is 1, 61,000Crore so this deal acts like angel Investor for Reliance Jio.

By this Deal, Jio will Become Debt before 31 March 2021.

Why Facebook Invested much in Reliance Jio

The Purpose of Facebook to invest in Reliance Jio is Reliance Jio has a big database of Customers and Jio are Staring Their JioMart platforms for local Kirana stores.

JioMart users will use WhatsApp to place the orders and pay Payment using WhatsApp.

So the WhatsApp will act like payment gateway and mediator make the profit for Facebook.

Jio-Facebook Deal Benefits

The Benefits will take time accrue

    1.   Large WhatsApp user base could accelerate JioMart's adoption.

    2.   It can leverage Facebook experience to monetize data through advertising.

    3.   Potential access to Facebook technology.

    4.   Deleveraging.

    5.   JioMart can leverage WhatsApp reach to support small businesses.

    6.   Jio Maybe looking at one app for everything, like china we chat.

    7.   The Deal will empower the digital transaction for Local stores.

     8.   Facebook has the opportunity to diversify and grow further.

     9.   Reliance Jio Have More Subscriber base than the U.S Population.

    10. Facebook-Jio partnership to contribute to post COVID-19 recovery.

     11. By Using Jiomart this Deal maintain the supply chain in India.

JioMart Features

    1.   JioMart catalog products like Pulses, Besan, sooji, and other packaged goods.

    2.   JioMart shares the location of closest Kirana registered once an order is confirmed.

    3.   Customers can pick up the order from identified Kirana stores and pay there.

   4.   JioMart commercial amendment with WhatsApp announced on April 22, 2020.

   5.   JIoMart starts using WhatsApp but model to evolve.

   6.   JioMart interacting with customers on WhatsApp for grocery orders.

How to Place an order on JioMart

These services are available only in Navi-Mumbai.

The service will start all over the country soon.

To use this service we need to do the Following Steps:-

    1.   To order goods can send a WhatsApp message on 885008000.

    2.   Save This The number on Your Mobile phone.

    3.   Send a Message on this Number ‘Hi’ using WhatsApp.
    4.  You will get a registration link and this link will be valid for 30 Minutes.

     5. Open the link to fill the basic details, after this process, you will be able to order well.

    6.Customer directed to a product catalog after filling the personal Detail.

    7. You can pay the amount on the same platforms with security just click one step.

This deal will be a very great deal for our Country.

 It will make a digital transformation for small businesses and everyone can secure it

We hope that this deal will do better work for our country and citizens.

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